Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Ultimate Trader Champion

ForexGen has the pleasure to announce the launching of the ultimate trader champion on the first of every month.

Interested clients who wish to participate in this event shall send an e-mail request on contest@forexgen.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it including the following information:
  • Full name
  • Phone number
Also provide us with the following identification document:

" Certified copy of the information pages of account holder current valid passport or government issued photo ID"

After we receive your request we will provide you with further details and with your ForexGen demo account login information which will be used in the trading contest.

This Forex contest for the current month will starts on Sunday 20-12-2009 at 10 pm GMT and ends on Thursday 31-12-2009 at 10 pm GMT.

For more information about our current and future promotions, kindly contact one of our customers support agents at promotions@forexgen.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ForexGen is Giving You Cash This Christmas

There aren’t many Forex promotions like this one, but then again there aren’t many Forex Brokers like this one.

Get a 25% cash back straight into your trading account, on any deposit you make up to $100,000, during the month of December OR get free rebates also during the month of December and next 3 months that you will get $ 1 for each closed mini lot and $ 10 for each closed standard lot.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Double Bottom

A charting pattern used in technical analysis. It describes the drop of a stock (or currency), a rebound, another drop to the same (or similar) level as the original drop, and finally another rebound.
twice touched low is considered a support level.
Most technical analysts believe that the advance off of the first bottom should be 10-20%. The second bottom should form within 3-4% of the previous low, and volume on the ensuring advance should

The Million Dollar Question

How do you figure out whether to freakin’ use oscillators, or trend following indicators, or both? After all, we know they don’t always work in tandem.
For now, just know that once you’re able to identify the type of
market you are trading in, you will then know which indicators will give accurate signals, and which ones are worthless at that time.

There are two types of indicators: leading and lagging.
A leading indicator gives a buy
signal before the new trend or reversal occurs.
A lagging indicator gives a signal after the trend has started .
Technical indicators into one of two categories: Oscillators and trend following or momentum

Leading vs. Lagging Indicators

Leading vs. Lagging Indicators

Leading Indicators
index published monthly by the Conference Board used to predict the direction of the economy’s movements in the months to come. The index is made up of 10 economic components, whose changes tend to precede changes in the overall economy.

These 5 components include:
1. the
average weekly hours worked by manufacturing workers.2. The average number of initial applications for unemployment insurance.3. The amount of manufacturer’s new orders for consumer goods and materials.4. The speed of delivery of new merchandise to vendors from suppliers.5. The amount of new orders for capital goods unrelated to defense


The Stochastic Oscillator comes in 3 flavors: Fast, Slow, and Full. The Stochastic Oscillator is a momentum indicator designed to show the relation of the current close price relative to the high/low range over a given number of periods using a scale of 0-100. It is based on the assumption that in a rising market the price(s) will close near the high of the range and in a declining market the price(s) will close near the low of the range. The Full Stochastic Oscillator is calculated by the formula:
Fast %K = ((Today’s Close - Lowest Low in %K Periods) / (Highest High in %K Periods - Lowest Low in %K Periods))

Lagging Indicators

An index published monthly by the Conference Board that is used to confirm the direction of the economy’s movements in past months.
1. the value of outstanding commercial and industrial loans.2. The change in the consumer price index for services from the previous month.3. The change in labor cost per unit of labor output.4. The ratio of manufacturing and trade inventories to sales made.5. The ratio of consumer credit outstanding to personal income.6. The average prime rate charged by banks.
As it measures the economic activities of previous months, the Composite Index of
Lagging Indicators is used as an after-the-fact way to help confirm economists’ assessment of current economic conditions.